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How it Works

The NEXU 128m is a distributed test system that connects individual testers to each wire harness branch connector rather than relying on a single centralized tester and multiple return cables.  This distributed approach allows NEXU to deliver a battery operated, handheld tester that wirelessly links with other 128m's to achieve the desired wire harness test coverage.


Initiating a test routine with the 128m requires minimal expertise or training.  Simply connect each 128m to its corresponding harness connector using the product's snap-in adapters, choose a 128m to act as host, retrieve the previously stored cable or harness wire list, link the 128m's together and begin testing.


The 128m performs continuity and resistance diagostics for each wire in the harness.  Faults, such as high resistance, short, opens and miswires are reported back to the user within seconds.


The NEXU 128m combines wire testing with an optional TDR capability to not only diagnose harness failures but also trace the fault to a specific location within the wire harness bundle.     

Configuring the 128m is  for your specific cable or wire harness is simple.  The product's 128-test point snap-in adapter allows you to create custom interfaces from the cable or wire harness being tested and the tester. 


Fault Test - Tests each wire of the wire list for opens, shorts, mis-wires, resistance limits.

Repetitive Test - Cycles through a Test of  each wire of the wire list for opens, shorts, mis-wires, resistance limits.

Probe - Ohm Meter for manually measuring resistance within a harness or circuit.

Verify - Uses leaded probes to electrically verify one branch of a harness.  Tests each probed wire for opens, shorts, mis-wires, resistance limits.

TDR - Tests closely coupled wires within a harness or cable for distance from connector to a short or open circuit.

  • 128 test nodes per unit 

  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

  • Icon Driven Touchscreen

  • ​150 feet range

  • .1 sec per wire test cycle

  • USB programming Interface

  • TDR

  • Ohm Meter

  • 450 grams

  • 20h x 10w x 7d (cm)

  • 8-hour battery life

  • Store and print test results


The NEXU 128m is a great diagnostic solution for service and repair centers as well as mobile field service teams. Our distributed testing approach excels for troubleshooting previously installed or embedded wire harnesses or cables.  The NEXU 128m eliminates guesswork and reduces personnel required for harness troublshooting activities.   The NEXU 128m represents a large step forward in cable and harness testing whether your product is an aircraft, vehicle, ship, communication center or other platform containing complex wiring systems.   

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