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Handheld Wiring Analyzer

Experiencing wiring errors during wire harness install?

Use our LIVE WIRE and GUIDED TEST features to eliminate mistakes and improve productivity!

How it Works

The NEXU HT-128+ is a distributed wiring test system that allows you to wirelessly network up to 8 individual testers to each wire harness branch connector avoiding a single, centralized tester with its multiple return adapter cables.


This distributed approach provides a powerful platform to:

  • Fault testing for complex wiring systems

  • Improve wire fault troubleshooting

  • Share wiring information across testers

  • Perform Probe testing for non-connectorized locations

  • Perform real-time guided assembly and testing

Where it Works

Today the HT-128+ is deployed across a wide range of industries and markets. Customers are leveraging the product in applications ranging from aircraft harness integrating testing to field support for complex medical systems. The HT-128+'s broad range of features combined with the unit's scalability means anywhere cables and harnesses represent a critical element of a product or system, the HT-128+ pays for itself in improvements in productivity, product availability and up-time.


Case Study

See how the HT-128+ can enhance wire harness installation by quickly identifying wiring faults and mitigating expensive downstream system test failures for an aerospace customer.​


Easy user interface allows users to select and set up test routines with ease.


Test for opens, shorts, mis-wires, isolation, resistors, diodes, and more using up to 128 points per tester and more for up to 1,024 wiring test points.

Cost Effective

A single user can ring-out a 500-wire harness in less than 3 minutes.

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Lightweight, battery operated units are easy to deploy in a factory or field environment.


The HT-128 includes many features that make testing and maintaining complex wiring harnesses simple.

Test Reports

Generate test reports that can be printed and archived.


Guided Probe Test

Perform HT-128+ directed fault test on terminal blocks, switches, relays, and other non-connectorized locations.

HT-128+ Features


Fault Test

Analyze wiring for opens, shorts, high resistance, and mis-wires. Test diodes, inductors, and passive wiring circuits.​



Perform fault testing through the UUT cable, or optional 2-wire communication cable, when wireless communication is not feasible. Works up to 5,000 feet.​


Repetitive Test

Indefinitely cycle the Fault Test or a user-defined number of cycles.​



Perform HT-128 directed ring-out of a cable or wire harness without the use of plug-in connector adapters.​


Manual Test

Select and test a specific wire for continuity and isolation. Compare value against test limits.​



Build a test program by self-learning the wiring within a cable or wire harness.​


Hold Test

Select and continually monitor a specific wire for continuity. Continuously compare value against test limits.​



Edit and build a subset test program from an existing test program.​



Identify the reference designation of any wire using the HT-128 probe feature.​



Utilize the HT-128 as an Ohm Meter.​



Allows the user to wirelessly transfer test programs between testers.​


Quick Test

Initiate hands free fault testing by simply plugging and unplugging cables or wire harnesses into the test adaptor.


Live Wire Assembly

Live Wire provides a real-time guide and monitor   during wire installation avoid mistakes such as mis-wires, recessed pins, open circuits, and continuity errors.


      Free Trial Offer!

Would your team like a no-obligation trial of the HT-128+?   


 Ask us to ship you a product  demonstration set by emailing Or, if you have a specific wiring application in mind, send us the wiring diagram and NEXU will provide a virtual demonstration of the HT-128+ using your application. NEXU understands the value of your time and will tailor our demonstration to meet your time constraints.​

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